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About Paula

I am a Heartist.

About Paula

What feeds my heart? Nature, hiking, art, drawing and painting, animals, the sea, sailing, creating cozy homes, travel, being a naturalist / docent, and connecting others to art and nature. I love to learn new things, enjoy good movies with good storylines, and sharing with and being around “life long learner” people!

About Paula

My style of story telling is drawing out true essence with “visual words” by quick sketch and sketch journaling. I am inspired by Nature, how its form, light, patterns, speak its function, its heart purpose into the world.

To communicate the heart of new ideas, workshop and retreat teachings, keynote speeches, mastermind meetings, books, blogs, travels, team building, brand evolutions, and blue sky thinking, are just the beginning of my passion to tell visual story. My graphic facilitation and quick sketch art create game changing values of clarity, focus, partnership loyalties, and understanding that ignite “heart bonfires” celebrating true positive outcomes for my clients.

My gift of speaking with art was officially focused into graphiccommunications upon my graduation from the University of Washington in Fine Art with a BFA in Graphic Design. For over 20 years, “telling story”; leading new business teams and creating “flow” in brand as creative director / art director in major ad agencies on both East and West Coasts, has been my way of life. I clearly understand how to translate, simplify, “tell story” that magnetizes its audience by using the energy of visuals to find clarity, share focus, show purpose, forge teamwork, with both art and words. Please contact me for resume: paula@chilightful.com

Drawing out the heart of identity is what I love. I have been blessed to be honored by my peers with awards for business communications such as: Best of the West, Type Director’s Club of New York, The One Show (New York Art Director’s Club), Andy Awards, Hatch Awards, Belding Awards, and member of the National Television Academy.

Book illustration, fine art, writing, teaching, and speaking expand my storytelling tool chest. I am the illustrator and author of “Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.” Published in the US, Canada, UK and Italy! Graphic facilitation for my clients, teaching workshops, and speaking about the essence of “heart” finds me traveling the world to help people communicate, discover, and experience, the art of their “talk” as well as being in harmony with themselves and their environments.

My fine art has been exhibited in juried shows in Southern California. I am a member of the Pastel Society of Southern California and honored with awards from judges such as Richard McKinley and Steven Shriver.

For more information “about me”…give me a call at 310.621.8512 or find my bio on my site at: www.chilightful.com

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